Founded in 2002 in Slovakia, 2J Antennas is a leading company providing antenna solutions for our connected world. As a leading global supplier of antennas, 2J Antennas has its focus on Metering, Navigation, IoT, Marine, Telematics, Automation, M2M and other markets. With a team of engineers specialised in RF, Antennas Design & Development, Mechanics, Quality, Certification, Molding, 2J Antennas provides an end-to-end manufacturing process. Their primary focus is ensuring the continued development of products to meet the rapidly evolving wireless world, with the introduction of 5G (LTE), Iridium communications or Galileo satellite-based applications. 2J Antennas' R&D team focuses on three categories: Future Antennas, Integration and Custom Antennas. For over 18 years, 2J Antennas has designed and manufactured customised antenna solutions for projects with special requirements and has integrated more than 500 types of antennas in various devices. Equipped with the latest engineering tools, from network analyser, anechoic chambers to simulation software and 3D printers, 2J Antennas can develop, test and help with the certification process bringing to market any idea or concept. Besides their classic range of antennas, 2J's New Catalogue now features a series of high-quality products with cutting-edge technologies to meet the rapidly evolving wireless industry catering to 5G, 4G (LTE), 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, Iridium communications, GPS/GNSS/BeiDou frequencies and more. As a company based in Slovakia, 2J Antenna’s products are Made in the European Union. 2J Antennas has RF development locations in Slovakia and the UK through which they have developed a reputation for engineering excellence and self-sufficiency. In 2015, 2J Antennas expanded its reach to the American market with a new engineering and sales support office in San Diego, California which has now been relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. 2J Antennas is also an environment-friendly company that uses non-hazardous materials in manufacturing. At 2J Antennas, plastic injection, SMD pick and place, product assembly and quality control are all carried out in-house providing flexibility in manufacturing and competitive product prices. 2J Antennas' products are RoHS, REACH, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 compliant. And selected antennas are IP67, IP69K, IK-09 and CE certified.
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