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ASI Semiconductor, Inc. was founded in 1979 in North Hollywood, CA, USA, and has offices spread across France, United Kingdom, India, and Egypt. Their customers include several governments and Fortune 500 customers to small and medium businesses around the world. They are committed to deliver quality service to customers and ensure that customers’ needs are met. An ISO 9001 certified company they design and manufacture advanced RF power transistors and microwave diodes. Their focus is on pulsed RF commercial applications used for radar, medical, avionics, and industrial applications. They have also introduced VIMOS technology to meet the requirements of the market. It is a high-power RF transistor with excellent RF performance designed for pulsed amplifiers. They are strong and capable of withstanding overdrive, overvoltage, and 20:1 VSWR. Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. specializes in manufacturing outdated or hard-to-find electrical components for replacement purposes and new designs. Their RF power transistors can replace those from Philips, Motorola, and SGS Thomson and their microwave diodes can replace those in Alpha, M/A COM. HP and Loral/Frequency sources. If you are looking for Advanced Semiconductor devices in India, they are available online at the electrical component store Semikart. Advance Semiconductor, Inc. offers improved mode FET, bipolar, and LDMOS FET devices covering 1.0MHz to 4.2 GHz frequency spectrum with 300 Watts output power. Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. transistors are available in both enclosed and open packages with balanced configurations. Many of their designs feature internal impedance matching networks to enhance performance. Shop Now: RF Bipolar Transistors RF MOSFET Transistors
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