Amulet Technologies was founded in 1998 in Campbell, CA, US, and for over two decades has been a leading manufacturer of an LCD display and easy-to-use GUI software. Their goal is to develop new everyday products to create a smarter world. Amulet Technologies offer standard hardware for embedded systems such as controller boards, display modules, and chips. They offer customized solutions tailored to customer’s expectations and budgets.   Their touch displays range from standard options or you can get a fully customized design that can effortlessly be integrated with IoT, wireless, voice control, Bluetooth, etc. It also carries the best GUI software design tool GEMstudio Pro™.   Amulet Technologies' first priority is customer satisfaction therefore, their aim is to provide the best quality products and services to their customers. They collaborate with subcontractors and suppliers to meet our quality standards and enhance customer value. Amulet Technologies is certified to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements and they constantly try to improve their performance.   At Amulet Technologies, their goal is to make the world smarter and digital. They ensure they develop the best-embedded solutions for all types of business. Amulet technology partners are also committed to providing customers with complete solutions for their embedded graphical user interface (GUI) requirements.   Amulet Technologies guarantees clients will have an ultimate user experience with their products. They want to provide quality products and faster delivery to their customers. Moreover, with Amulet solutions, implementing a GUI can be done in a few days. At Semikart, the online electrical components store you will get all Amulet Technologies products. Shop Now : Display Modules Development Software Development Software
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