Anaren is a global manufacturer of high-frequency RF and electrical components, Anaren microwave microelectronics, and assemblies. It was founded in 1967 in East Syracuse, New York, US. Anaren, Inc. is a supplier of customized and standard high-frequency technology for consumer electronics, defense, space commercial wireless infrastructure, and medical device sectors.   Anaren, a TTM Technologies Company, has skilled engineers who are constantly designing new products that are used by leading manufacturers around the world. Some of their products are used extensively in base-station amplifiers, fighter-jet jammers, telecommunications networking products, and communication satellite systems.   Anaren is a premier media brand that keeps its audience updated on current and next-generation technologies and specialists in high-frequency electronic design. Anaren’s high-performance standard components are mass-produced and sold through authorized stocking distributors. Consumer electronics and wireless infrastructure OEMs rely on Anaren’s products.   Anaren's main products are Xinger®-brand surface mount components, Resistive components, (AIR) modules developed around Texas Instruments, RoHS-compliant models.   Anaren's complex soft board and ceramic-based RF assemblies, sub-assemblies, and standard Mil-Spec components are used for the defense and aerospace industry. Anaren is well-known for its ability to design, and manufacture fully integrated RF solutions and for its vertically integrated capabilities. They strive to deliver multi-function DOD technologies and support Tier-1 contractors.   Anaren’s solutions include IMAs, multi-chip RF modules, broadband receivers for missile applications, and much more. You can buy Anaren’s products from Semikart, the exclusive store for electronic components in India. Shop Now : Bluetooth Modules (802.15.1) Zigbee Development Tools (802.15.4) Signal Conditioning
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