ARM, a semiconductor IP company, was started in 1990 in Cambridge, UK. They manufacture licensed IPs that are used in billions of devices and development tools for sensors, smartphones, and servers. ARM inspires the world’s most successful business and consumer brands and defines computing that connects the world. Their technology has transformed our everyday life through supercomputers, smartphones, medical instruments, agricultural sensors, base stations, and servers. 180 billion Arm-based chips are embedded every day in various products that connect people and enhance their life. ARM’s infrastructure has enabled people to develop and flourish as their business scales higher. Their goal is to keep people connected and develop new products that will impact today’s technology builders and innovators. A leading technology provider of processor IP, ARM offers a wide range of processors that can affect the performance and cost of every device. Their Arm NPUs and CPUs include Cortex-A, M, and R, Neoverse, SecurCore, and Ethos. Semikart is a trusted distributor of electrical components in India where you can purchase ARM products at cost-effective prices. ARM is at the center of the world’s largest computer system with its variety of software, and service partners who support the use of ARM technology across markets and applications. Furthermore, ARM Group’s brand presence is seen in countries around the world. ARM technology is continuously evolving new designs that will help bring people together. Their AI ecosystem provides AI solutions for the next generation. They want their customers to be satisfied with their products hence guarantee the best quality products. Shop Now: ARM Development Boards, Kits, Programmers
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