Comchip Technology was founded in 2000 and has grown to become one of the leading global semiconductor solution providers. With headquarters in Taiwan, Comchip has created its market presence and is constantly expanding in strategic locations around the world. Comchip has sales offices located in China, Silicon Valley, and New York to provide direct customer service and to deliver solutions and support with both cost and quality advantages. Comchip Technology focuses on innovative research and patented manufacturing capabilities. Having been in the global technology industry for over two decades, they have created a niche for themselves and ensure they deliver the best quality and reliable products to their clients. Comchip’s labs and production facilities are affiliated with current automotive industry requirements and adhere to industry standards including AEC-Q101, TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001. Comchip Technology caters to various segments of the electronics industry, including lighting, industrial computers, automotive, TFT-LCD panels, medical, and consumer electronics markets. Power semiconductor devices including transistor and MOSFET solutions are their latest products. Comchip products cover a vast collection of applications in the electronics industry and they are the only manufacturer to use gold-plated termination to standardize DFN/flat chip packaging that is RoHS compliant and zero Tin-Whisker potential. Comchip Technology Corporation also offers custom-made high voltage or low VF rectifiers. Comchip's diodes are ideal for digital cameras, PDAs, personal computers, wireless, networking, and portable devices. An added advantage is, Comchip’s bridge rectifier and TVs have both passed UL testing for safety device application. Moreover, Comchip diodes are well suited for automotive as well as high-reliability applications as they scale up to meet the automotive stress test requirements AEC-Q101. They are consistently offering innovative new designs and are at the forefront of the DFN/QFN package revolution. They are the first manufacturer to standardize LEAD-FREE and LEAD-LESS diode packaging in SOD-523F and SOD-323F sizes. Their DFN packages are also available in SOD-323F (1005), SOD-523F (0603), SOD-723F (0503), SOD-923F (0402) and 0201 sizes. If you want to order Comchip products online then, Semikart, an electrical component store in India is the website you have to visit. Comchip Product Categories: RoHS-Compliant Diodes Bridge Rectifiers Schottky Diodes Zener Diodes ESD Surge Protectors Shop Now : Bipolar Transistors - BJT ESD Suppressors - TVS Diodes Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers
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