Cypress advanced system-level solutions are Embedded in Tomorrow™. Cypress semiconductor is targeting markets that grow faster than the broader semiconductor industry, including markets in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. Cypress world-class, secure wireless technology — along with MCUs, memories, analog ICs, and USB controllers — gives an unprecedented competitive edge in the Internet of Things, and a leap to new markets like connected appliances and autonomous vehicles. Cypress semiconductor is concentrating its technology and capital investments on growth markets and their core semiconductor businesses to drive improvement in margins and sustainable growth unremittingly. Cypress focuses on value creation and the return of capital to its shareholders. Cypress Semiconductor's corporate strengths lie in the following brand attributes: PROGRESSIVE The approaches are offering innovators the foundation they need to move beyond and beyond. Products will get to market quicker, safer, and smarter with built-in security and PSoC ® MCUs. UNFAILING: When the product first has to work – every time – Cypress is the one organization that you can rely on. Cypress work's with a big firm's power but operates at a startup's pace. FAST: Cypress understands speed-to-market is important. They quickly solve problems, speed up designs, produce our products in weeks, and respond to you in hours. FORWARD-THINKING: Cypress anticipates innovator's needs. They are making solutions to problems that no one else solves. INNOVATIVE: With their customers in mind, Cypress regularly introduce original, innovative, and new ideas.
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