AVX is one of the leading international manufacturers and suppliers of advanced avx electronic components. They have around 33 research, customer support, manufacturing and design units across 16 countries around the world. They ensure delivery and production capabilities are optimized to suit customer’s requirements. For over five decades AVX has served various industries including, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial, communications, etc. AVX components are designed to preserve and protect the environment, from conversion systems and clean power generation to hybrid and electric vehicles for personal, commercial and transportation markets. AVX develops new patent applications every year to expand the company’s technology base with innovative, next-generation product solutions. Backed by decades of in-depth R&D, AVX products are designed to conserve existing energy resources and to create dependable, affordable electronic systems. AVX consistently exceeds customer expectations as they rely on them for quality products and their affordability. AVX focuses on continuous improvement and provides products and services that are trusted and preferred by our customers. AVX is recognized in the electronic industry as the strategic partner for passive components, control modules, sensors and avx antennas. AVX’s electrical components include avx capacitors, inductors, resistors, filters, couplers, sensors, diodes, controls, circuit protection devices, connectors and avx antennas. AVX components are used in many avx electronic devices and systems worldwide and they are available for you at Semikart, the online electrical components store in India.   Some of AVX’s new launches include: AVX Launches New Best-In-Class Prizmacap™ Supercapacitors AVX Releases New UBC 550 Series Ultra-Broadband Capacitors for Reliable, Repeatable Performance from 16khz to 70+Ghz   Shop Now :
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