ROHM is a manufacturer of electronic components and was established in Kyoto in 1958. Later on, they expanded their production and started manufacturing transistors and diodes, ICs, and other semiconductor products. They entered the US market and established a sales office and IC design center in Silicon Valley. The Rohm Semiconductor USA caters to clients across the United States. ROHM's expansion overseas eventually was accepted as a common business practice. ROHM has partnered with sales-representative organizations and industry-leading electronics distributors. Today, ROHM semiconductor locations are spread across countries. They create innovative products to improve technology and are continuously conducting comprehensive research to develop new products. ROHM electronic components are used in computers, consumer electronics, and the automotive industry. They design and manufacture ROHM semiconductors and ROHM integrated circuits for the electronics markets. ROHM electrical products are used in the most innovative equipment and devices such as audio/video ICs, image sensors, memory products with double-cell technology, wireless audio links, energy-efficient power management components, and LEDs. ROHM works closely with equipment manufacturers to develop customized next-generation equipment. All equipment is developed in-house, hence they are able to effectively respond to the demands and changing needs of the global electronics market. ROHM products are used extensively in telecommunication, computer, automotive, and consumer OEMs. Shop Now : Fuses with Leads (Through Hole) Surface Mount Fuses Motor-Motion-Ignition Controllers & Drivers
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