Bourns is an American electronics company that develops, manufactures, and supplies electronic components for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, instrumentation, medical electronics, consumer equipment, and portable electronics.   The company was started in 1947 by Marlan and Rosemary Bourns in their 384-square-foot (35.7 m2) garage in Altadena, California, and after more than 70 years in business, Bourns continues to grow because of its commitment to providing value for customers.   The company’s invention of linear motion and vane position potentiometers provided a method of accurately determining an aircraft's pitch, and helped to grow their business into a global corporation.   Headquartered in Riverside, California, Bourns, and with 15 manufacturing facilities around the world and approximately 7000 employees worldwide, Bourns develops products and technologies, providing a broad range of electronic components and circuit protection devices including automotive sensors, circuit protection solutions, magnetic and inductor products, specialty engineering and manufacturing services, precision potentiometers, panel controls, encoders, and resistive products.   Their products are found in automobiles, cellular telephones, notebook computers, implanted x-ray sensors for cancer treatment and even in a vehicle on Mars. The company’s success has been credited to Marlan and Rosemary Bourns tackling some of the most challenging sensor and electronic component requirements of their day in the fledgling aerospace industry.   Shop Now :
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