Bill of material


Steps to Use


Step 1:

You can upload your BOM onto Semikart in 2 ways, you can either drag and drop a file into the portion of the screen, or select ‘Upload’ and choose the BOM file you would like to upload.

Step 2:

Once the file is uploaded, you can see that the different columns from the excel sheet will be reflected on the screen. The next step is to choose whether there is a header present, if there is a header then the system will ignore the first line. After this, the columns have to be mapped to ‘Manufacturer Part Number’ (MPN) and ‘Quantity’



Step 3:

In the next screen, you will see the various suppliers who can provide this part and you can select the lowest priced supplier for each line item. After this you can give a ‘Name’ to the BOM and save it.

Step 4:

The BOM can now be viewed by going into the ‘Projects’ tab and clicking on the preview option. When you preview the BOM you have an option of adding more MPNs into the BOM.



Step 5:

When you add the BOM to the cart, you have a choice of adding it to an existing cart or to create a new cart with the items in the BOM.

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