STMicroelectronics is one of the world's largest brands in the semi-conductor supply sector, frequently ranked in the top five companies overall, and with a market-leading position in some vertical markets. Among these leading positions, STMicroelectronics is at the forefront of the application-specific analog chips and power conversion market, the supply of industrial semiconductors, the set-top box niche, and other fields including integrated circuits for automotive applications, mobile phone and tablet camera modules, and general discrete products. Electronic circuits represent a largely unseen component of the world in which we live today. Such circuits are present in microchips or just "chips" combining the latest performance, intelligence and, efficiency advances. Hundreds or thousands of these chips are built into each of the millions and billions of electronic devices that communicate with people across the globe every day. It is in this intangible world that STMicroelectronics produces the sparks that will at any given moment activate the products we use. STMicroelectronics technology is found everywhere where microelectronics contributes positively to people's lives. STMicroelectronics believe that the future will not be in the laboratories of a few but in the hands of many and that they believe in open ecosystems and a collaboration approach. STMicroelectronics offers easy-to-use software development tools, design kits and support educational programs to make technology accessible to today's more engineers and enthusiasts.
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