Fujitsu is passionate about using technology to create a future that is more inclusive, sustainable and confident. They have supported enterprises and society throughout Fujitsu 's history by delivering robust and reliable IT systems. Today, Fujitsu is responding to the modern digital world by co-creating new value from cutting-edge digital technologies with its partners and customers that not only transform the way we work and live but also contribute to solving global social challenges. Fujitsu - Transforming Business and Society in the Digital Age Digital Technologies for Business and Social innovation Fujitsu has continued to demonstrate their technological prowess and persistent pursuit of innovation since its founding in Japan in 1935. Its business structure is aligned with the modern digital world as a world-leading digital transformation partner. Using a broad portfolio of trusted technology services, solutions and products, Fujitsu is working with its customers to co-create solutions that will help them on their journey towards enterprise-wide digitalization. Around the same time, Fujitsu is using technology and partnering with its clients and broader stakeholders in the industry to help solve social problems. By contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (link to SDGs) they help transform our world and build an inclusive, sustainable and trustworthy society. History of Fujitsu Fujitsu has been innovating information and communication technologies (ICTs) worldwide since it was founded back in 1935. A long line of landmark accomplishments and product milestones has made Fujitsu what it is today – a leading ICT company.
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